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Thurs, Fri, Sat + Mon

Brunch Sundays from 10.30

Added for Stroll Weekend

Lunch Saturday from 11.30 + Dinner Sunday Evening

NOW Accepting Stroll reservations

Open ’til New Years Day

Previously of Nantucket’s acclaimed American Seasons Chef Michael & Orla LaScola’s  downtown space The Proprietors bar & table brings a distinctly Nantucket viewpoint to the fine stable of Nantucket Restaurants and a culinary ode to the “well-traveled palate” to the island’s dining scene. From the art on the walls to the food on the plate to the wines in the cellar, each aspect of the dining experience speaks to Nantucket’s history and early cultural exposure through sailors returning home from trans-continental voyages at sea. The menu thinks globally and sources locally with internationally accented dishes using ingredients sourced as much as possible from area farms, growers and artisans; the wine list is deeply influenced by small Old and New World producers; the design reflects a well-traveled Nantucket home filled with treasures from trips abroad.



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