Our Story

whalerThe Proprietors Bar & Table brings a distinctly Nantucket viewpoint and a culinary ode to the “well-traveled palate” to the island’s dining scene. The restaurant from Michael & Orla LaScola of Nantucket’s acclaimed American Seasons  is located in the heart of historic downtown and offers a menu of creatively interpreted global cuisine showcasing local ingredients.


Named for Nantucket’s original landowners, The Proprietors embraces the island’s unique history as a whaling hub – every aspect of the dining experience is inspired by sailors returning home with influences from their travels abroad.  The interior echoes a Nantucket home filled with treasures and knickknacks brought back from voyages at sea. Meanwhile, the menu borrows influences and flavors from international cuisines, while highlighting ingredients harvested on small Nantucket and New England farms.


Michael & Orla LaScola

As the team behind American Seasons, Owners Michael LaScola and Orla Murphy-LaScola have cultivated strong connections with on-island farms, growers and artisans. These are reflected in The Proprietors menu as it travels beyond its sibling restaurant’s focus on regional American fare from Executive Chef Michael LaScola to a more global palate, featuring a strong international wine program thoughtfully developed by award-winning sommelier Orla LaScola.